no grave can hold my body down.
Jessica, 19, NY. Likes ladies, shows & ships, beautiful places, things that make me think, and ranting about life. Currently obsessing over: Adele Exarchopolous, Blue is the Warmest Color, and Orphan Black.

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"People get drunk, they hook up with the wrong person and pretend to be okay. People act tough and get mad. People will do anything to distract their heart. They will do anything to distract it from missing someone."

November Depth (via exoticwild)

Paper Ships
Dead Man's Bones


Dead Man’s Bones - Paper Ships

Pirates never loved
The way that I do
You never said enough
To keep me next to you

Now I hold my poems
For ladies unknown
Until my hands go weak
I’ll be a ghost ship on the blue

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Gives me life every single time.

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cookie dough stuffed cupcakes

oh Liz    30 rock    

Nothing bonds you with a person like both drinking huge coffees and waters while doing work and then taking turns to go pee over a period of 5 hours.

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Fun times with treeshius volunteering at a state park for their centennial celebration! Nothing like some outdoor community service on a rainy day!! (it was rainy but really scenic all the same)


"haha i don’t care" 

*goes home and cries*

When you feel like you’re the most drunk out of all your friends and they’re laughing at (with) you but you actually….don’t…care!!

Playing a game similar to apples to apples (things) with suitemates while eating Fritos and being drunk off Svedka….so good.


my favorite

Wow I just spent 4 hours researching an Islamic terrorist group for my political violence class and my eyes are shot. I have to create a narrative codebook for the group and I didn’t even get anything substantial written for their “history” column. There’s just so much info….research is so time consuming aah.